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Growing victorians

I regularly give talks on the subject of Growing Victorians in Your Garden.

These talks are full of practical gardening tips, props featuring my own illustrations and – of course – terrible puns.

Below are photographs of talks I gave at the Site Festival and the Stroud Steampunk Weekend. If you would like me to come to your institution, please drop me a line through the Contact Page.

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At the Site Festival I gave short versions of this talk in a small shed surrounded by the amazing work of artist Annie Hutchinson (@littlewrenfactory on Instagram).

Photo by Mary Jane Baxter

 Talk at Stroud Steampunk Weekend (25th-26th May 2019) at Subscription Rooms, Stroud. I grew I K Brunel especially for this audience, who turned out to be very knowledgeable about the great man. (Photo credits: Photos 1,2 and 4 by Deborah Roberts Photography, Photo 3 by Stuart Bryan)