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The life And Times of Algernon swift

My illustrated novel of puns, The Life and Times of Algernon Swift, was published in 2017 by Head of Zeus.

Our young and earnest hero, Algernon Swift, returns from his travels abroad and must once more face the trials of life, love and the English language.

Back at home, Algernon tries to cope with the exorbitant passion of the exquisite Mavis (a woman with X on her mind) and his elderly uncle, Reverend Hawker, and his exasperating inability to mean one thing at a time.

Well-meaning in a world of double meanings, can Algernon avoid becoming another of Mavis’s Xs or, at least, plunging into an existential crisis of his own?

Available from good bookshops and online retailers.

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'The discerning many will come to this pleasantly racing-green volume for the gimmick of it, and stay for Jones's sheer relentless glee and his charming drawings of the bespectacled Algernon and the rest' TLS.

'As a hater of puns, this collection of comic tiny tales and illustrations revelling in smart wordplay should by rights be anathema to me. Instead I find myself laughing out loud page after page at the brio in its unashamedly silly (and simultaneously very clever) humour... Rich with delightful references to high and popular culture, from Shakespeare and Schopenhauer to the Rolling Stones. It is, I am loath to admit, a complete joy' Big Issue.

‘This is quite brilliant' Cotswold Life.