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A trail for families and children that I designed for SITSelect festival, taking place between the 8th and 26th of May 2019.

Participants pick up a leaflet which they fill in with the names of ten animals represented in shop windows in Stroud town centre. Then they take their completed leaflet they take it to local conservation charity Stroud Valleys Project and pick up a free badge.

Thanks to Stroud Festival for funding this.

Above: Double-sided leaflet for the participants on the trail. A map, clues and the odd joke!

 Above: Four of the ten drawings of animals in Stroud town centre shops. I chose a Puffin for the second hand bookshop R and R Books and was delighted with the display they placed around it!

Below: The four badges participants could choose from at the end of the trail.

Recommendation from Lizzi Walton, Director of SITSelect:

“Having discussed the Endangered Animals Shop Competition with Bill, he grasped the idea and ran with it. The resulting drawings, text and badges that were created were fabulous. It has been a delight to work with Bill and his professional presentation and approach to the project with the care and delivery throughout was a joy ... Bill comes with SIT's seal of approval.”